Dr Tun Min is the main author of this blog.

He is a GP working in NHS UK. His writing style stands out from the fact that he has more than 10 years of clinical experience which he uses to put into his articles.

Not only that, he always keeps updated with the research findings and updated management guidelines.

Dr Zoey Hsu MBBS

Dr. Zoey Hsu is one of the main authors for this site and has vast clinical knowledge of vitamins and minerals.

She has a particular interest in nutrition and our team is quite fortunate enough to have her as a writer.

Her writing style has a wonderful mix of her own experience, updated guidelines, and research.

Dr P S Win is a medical doctor working as Medical Officer. He is also passionate about writing medical articles to share his knowledge and promote the well being of the people.

His articles are well-researched, evidence-based and adjusted to his own clinical experience.

Dr Pyae Sone Win MBBS